The perfect mommy img_6126 Avoid these 8 things to make your child a successful person in the future parenting tips

If you hope that your child be a successful person with a strong personality in the future, you should avoid some mistakes that could weak his personality when he grows up.

Childhood is the most important stage in human life, where the child is characterized by honesty and purity of spirit.

At this stage,their future qualities and personality determines.

Psychologists have described childhood as a very sensitive period, because during this period the child acquires qualities and habits that are inherent to him throughout his life.

One of the psychiatrists said that the way you treat your child in the first five years has a big impact on his character.

So, if you wish your child be a successful person with a strong personality and high self-confidence in the future, you should avoid these 8 things:

1- never ever slap your child

The perfect mommy img_6130 Avoid these 8 things to make your child a successful person in the future parenting tips

In general, beating is one of the worst things a human does to another human being, it is an inhumane act that can not be tolerated.

Frequent beatings on the head and the face can cause neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s according to a new American study.

Dear mother, dear father, you should know that slapping kills between 300 and 400 nerve cells in the brain while a simple massage to the head helps to create new brain cells.

Beating leads to the child having bad behaviors such as lying, stubbornness and negative feelings towards his parents, and this leads to the absence of love among family members. Also continuous child beating causes him extreme shyness, fear and weak personality in the future.

2- Never yell at your child

Never speak very loudly in your children faces as soon as they do anything wrong from your point of view, because this technique makes the child follow the same method of expressing his views.

yelling at your children will negatively affect their personality causing fear and weak personality.

The screaming may cause the child to have aggressive reactions, for example, as soon as the parents yell at him, he may start crying, yelling, breaking things and beating the doors.

Nanny Jo Frost, supper nanny’s presenter, said that yelling at the child and reprimanding him cause weakness in focus with very aggressive reactions.


3- Avoid quarreling with the couple in front of your children

Marital life doesn’t free from problems and quarrels between the couples, even with the existence of love and understanding, there’s a need to quarrel sometimes because of different views or other reasons.

Be careful not to do this in front of children, father and mother are the most important persons in their children’s life, this will lead to a psychological impact on their personality as well as they feel insecure and unstable.

This may develop until they become isolated from society, or the opposite may happen by becoming aggressive who use violence in dealing with the others.

This doesn’t mean that parents shouldn’t discuss or disagree in front of their children at all, but they shouldn’t scream or quarrel. In the end, everyone has an opinion and must respect the other side opinions.

But the discussion and disagreement in front of the kids shouldn’t be related to the way they educate them or anything related to them.

Also, the father should not mock the mother and vice versa (of course at all times but especially in front of their children), this causes severe damage to the child’s psyche.


4- never scold your child in front of others

The constant and harsh reprimand of the child is very dangerous because the child feels insult and he will have inferiority complex, but reprimanding him in front of others is more dangerous.The perfect mommy img_6127 Avoid these 8 things to make your child a successful person in the future parenting tips

Experts warned parents from scolding their children in front of others if they do any wrong, because that makes them distrustful of themselves, and they advice that it’s better to postpone discussion of children in such matters to another time when they are in private.

child abuse in front of people is harm and injury to their souls.

A psychologically or physically abused child has a negative concept of his self and suffers from problems that he doesn’t know the reason for, and it weakens his personality.

5- Avoid giving your children some traits that restrict their longevity

For example, if you say to your child constantly that he is not athlete, this image will be etched in his memory and it will become a reality.

As a result, he will avoid participating in any sports activity and the reason is that he feels that he is not athlete and was never athlete and will never be athlete.

This applies to all other negative traits such as stupidity, lying, ugliness and uselessness etc.

Encourage your child to try out everything positive in the life, and avoid negative traits that limit their energy and reduce their expectations for themselves.

Each time you hear one of your children says that he is not talented or not beautiful or not smart, you should challenge the validity of what he said.


6- Never compare your child to others

Comparing your kids to others is a bad habit you should avoid because it effects the child’s personality and self confidence.

Sometimes, the parents say some words are meant to increase the enthusiasm of their children, but in fact it lead them to be a weak personality to the long term, like when you say to him “…… is more intelligent than you” or “you should be like……..”.


7– Avoid over-praise

Result of a study conducted by a Colombian university that followed children from kindergarten to fifth grade showed that children who are accustomed to receiving praise for each achievement, tend to choose simple and easy skills and avoid difficult challenges in their next years.

Unlike children who are used to receiving praise for their efforts and perseverance, in the coming years, these children will find it interesting to try difficult and complex skills.

Experts also said that children who used to receiving praise at all times in exaggerated amounts are easy to become arrogant and may be discouraged from developing themselves.

So, you should always praise the effort they make, not the result.


8- Do not give up your children with love, affection and attention

Mother’s love and attention to her children is a natural instinct that does not need advice (this is in most cases).

The perfect mommy img_6131 Avoid these 8 things to make your child a successful person in the future parenting tips

A recent scientific study says that the mother’s affection for their children is reflected on them by getting a stable and happy marriage in the future.

One psychiatrist said:” who doesn’t have thing can not give it”, a child who is not received the love, tenderness, care and attention from a family that enjoys stability and tranquility often grows up with a sense of deprivation.

Sometimes, when a child lacks the mother’s tenderness, he becomes a jealous or aggressive person. This aggressiveness may not appear on his behavior early until he grow up.

But, the child should not be overly pampered so as not to be a dependent person, the most important thing is moderation.

Now, if you have another tips feel free to leave it in a comment.

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