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Avoid these 8 things to make your child a successful person in the future

If you hope that your child be a successful person with a strong personality in the future, you should avoid some mistakes that could weak his personality when he grows up. Childhood is the most important stage in human life, where the child is characterized by honesty and purity of spirit. At this stage,their future qualities and personality determines. Psychologists have described childhood as a very sensitive period, because during this period the child acquires qualities and habits that are…

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Good news to all parents have a naughty child..your child is smart

Does your child extra active?? Is he constantly being reprimanded for his frequent movement?? Do you feel embarrassed when you visit your relatives or friends because of his excessive movement?? There are good news for you, your child has kinetic intelligence according to the theory of multiple intelligence developed by the psychologist Howard Gardner, which says that there are nine types of smarts, one of them is the kinetic-bodily intelligence of your child.   How can you discover that your child…

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