Smoking risks on pregnant woman

The risks and effects of smoking on pregnant women are very serious, because the inhaled tobacco contains many toxic substances such as Nicotine and other carcinogenic substances. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals, including very dangerous chemicals such as Cyanide, and contains at least 60 compounds that lead directly to the cancer. Although many studies have shown the negative effects of smoking, some mothers still practice this harmful habit during pregnancy, and some fathers still smoke in the existence…

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How to grow a smart baby..useful tips for all pregnant women

Once the woman discover that she is pregnant, she starts searching for the Dos and Don’ts during pregnancy. Our children is the must fabulous gift from God.. Once the first baby come to the life and we become parents everything in our life change to the best (although there are some difficulties like don’t sleep enough and don’t have much time to giveĀ ourselves enough care), but still motherhood is the must beautiful stage to me. After my first baby came…

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