The risks and effects of smoking on pregnant women are very serious, because the inhaled tobacco contains many toxic substances such as Nicotine and other carcinogenic substances.

Cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals, including very dangerous chemicals such as Cyanide, and contains at least 60 compounds that lead directly to the cancer.

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Although many studies have shown the negative effects of smoking, some mothers still practice this harmful habit during pregnancy, and some fathers still smoke in the existence of their pregnant wife or kids.

Dr. Christopher Kai Chung Leong ( who is a researcher at the Chinese university of Hong Kong) said that smoking for a relatively short period during pregnancy may cause long term consequences for the fetus.

Types of smoking during pregnancy:

  • Direct smoking: This is when the pregnant smokes Cigarettes (or shisha).
  • Passive smoking: This is when the mother inhales Cigarette smoke from other smokers, and she is exposed to this atmosphere contaminated with Nicotine and Carbon dioxide.

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There are serious risks to the health of the pregnant woman and her baby if she smokes or inhales the smoke of other smokers (passive smoking):

  • Cigarettes contain toxic substances such as Tobacco(Nicotine), etc. which are major cause of lung cancer.
  • These toxic substances are transmitted from the mother to the fetus causing serious damage.
  • When the smoking’s poisons pass through the placenta to the baby, these toxins may be infected by diabetes or high blood pressure to the baby in the future.
  • It may cause miscarriage to the pregnant.
  • It leads to the death of the fetus in the mother’s womb, or the death of the baby immediately after birth. This risk is directly related to excessive smoking, the more smoking, the greater the risk to the fetus.
  • It causes the birth of infertile children who may die during early childhood. When the mother is a smoker, the risk of a baby dying during the first week of his life is three times greater than when the mother is not a smoker.
  • Nicotine tightens blood vessels in pregnant’s body and affects the amount of oxygen the baby needs.
  • Smoker woman is more likely to have complications during pregnancy and childbirth such as bleeding.
  • It may causes ectopic pregnancy, this situation is serious and can reduce the chance of pregnancy again.
  • Smoking or passive smoking may cause the birth of premature babies(a baby born before completion of 37 weeks of gestational age).
  • It leads to the birth of smaller babies (200 grams or less) with head abnormalities (small brain size) and congenital defects in the throat and speech area.
  • It may lead to the birth of babies with congenital malformations.
  • When the mother is a smoker, the probability of having a baby with brain disorder is 25%, which is very large percentage.
  • It causes the birth of children with hyperactivity and little mental focus, and have learning and pronunciation difficulties.
  • It causes the birth of babies with chest allergies, asthma and bronchitis.
  • A Danish study says that when women smoking during pregnancy, their children will be more likely to damage the nerve fibers of their retina. The researchers said that nerve fibers damage in the retina may increase the risk of impaired vision and blue water.
  • Studies have shown that smoking can lead to the production of insufficient breast milk. A study showed that the concentration of fat in a smoker mother’s milk was lower than that of non-smoker mums.
  • Smoking women may reach menopause early. Women who smoke 20 cigarettes a day reach menopause two years earlier than women who do not smoke.

Now, after all this negativity, there is a good news is that if you stop smoking NOW, your baby’s health will improve immediately.

When you clean your lungs from Cigarettes smoke, your body’s oxygen levels will be normal again.

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Now, If you know a smoker pregnant woman or a husband smokes in the existence of his wife and children, it is your duty to share this post with him because you may be a reason to quit smoking and save the life of babies.